Meet the Team

All Ofsted quotes have been taken from our last inspection operating as Home from Home Day Nursery School, and our latest inspection operating as Home from Home Day Nursery School Academy.

An effective team

The different skills, attitudes and personal qualities and qualifications make up the Home from Home team. The practitioners/staff aspirations are high and everyone understands that they are expected to fulfil their role. Communication is open and honest and practitioners/staff work hard and to a high standard and everyone takes joint responsibility for achieving the aims of the setting.

“The leadership and management of the setting is exemplary. There are high aspirations for the setting, practitioner's professional development and outcomes for all children. Exceptionally well managed documents and working directives ensure the well-being of the children and the very smooth running of the nursery” –Ofsted




Linda Collins 

Director of Education:

Early Years Teacher (EYT)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Btec Edexcel Assessor Award D32, D33-Childcare Standards

Linda is the founder of Home from Home, setting its direction in 1994 and has worked for over 30 years in Early Years Care and Education. She is a joint Director and leads the education at Home from Home Day Nursery Academy. Linda is a mother herself and has four adult children and five grandchildren! She takes overall responsibility for all aspects of the organisation alongside Anne Carter (Director of Operations), to support practitioners and staff, children and families. She is the named training and development officer, overseeing and advising on the early years curriculum. Linda is currently the Networking Chairperson on behalf of the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) representing Hertfordshire.

Anne Carter

Director of Operations:

Infant Mental Health online, Warwick 

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Children and Young People's Services

CIS Diploma in Child Psychology

Level 3 Children and Young People's Workforce

Level 3 Designated Safeguarding Officer

CIS Business and Management Diploma

Hertfordshire Step On Training 

Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher 

Mental Health Awareness for Management Training

Anne is a Director at Home from Home (Director of Operations) and takes overall responsibility for all aspects associated with the management and leadership at Home from Home. She is responsible to lead practitioners and liaise with parents/carers, she works in partnership with Linda (Director of Education) to aid the smooth running of the setting. Anne brings her philosophical approach and strategic skills to support the team and works in partnership with parents, she is also the settings Mental Health Awareness Coordinator. She is currently the Networking Secretary on behalf of the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) representing Hertfordshire. She is a mother so is fully empathetic with parents who are juggling parenting and a career! Anne has been with Home from Home since February 2012, taking over as a joint working Director in 2016.

Administration Team

Katie Ledwith

Office Manager,

Level 6 Degree in Early Years Education, Level 3 Childcare Learning and Development , Level 3 Designated Safeguarding Officer

Katie has been with Home from Home since 2009 and is a reassuring presence with a caring and empathetic nature. Katie's role prior to going onto maternity leave, was to lead practitioners within the Fledglings & Squirrel team on a day-to-day basis, liaise with parents/carers, and in the absence of the Directors, assist in the smooth running of the setting. Katie would agree that she can also turn her hand to most creative things.


Keira Tatton-Willis

Office Manager, Health & Safety Lead:

Level 3 Childcare and Development, Level 3 Designated Safeguarding Officer

Keira has an award in British sign language and enjoys partaking in charity work, including helping to run residential holidays for under privileged children in Liverpool, she is an advocate for all children and brings an empathetic nature to the team. Keira started at Home from Home in July 2015, working as a key practitioner and later moving into a leadership role.  Keira stepped away from working directly with children in February 2022, taking on an administration role whilst continuing to support the leadership team, with roles such as Health & Safety Officer and supporting the Transition Coordinator role in an administrative capacity. She works closely with practitioners to ensure all children's individual needs are being met, communicating with parents and carrying out tasks associated with the administration role.

Room Leaders & Senior Practitioners

Lindsey Collins 

Leader / Pre School Coordinator:

Performing Arts Degree BA (Hons)

Level 3 Childcare Learning and Development

Prevent Training (WRAP)

Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher

Lindsey holds a Makaton Sign Language qualification and is pro-active in using it to include all children in the setting. Lindsey’s role is to be responsible for supporting and implementing the welfare, learning and development requirements within the Bees, Badgers and Owls group and to liaise with parents/carers and work with outside agencies where necessary. Lindsey particularly enjoys delivering the creative side of the curriculum, for example, dance and movement and also delivers the drama and yoga sessions and she is excellent in her method. Lindsey focuses her attention on our Owl group, preparing them alongside Sabrina, for formal school. Lindsey has been with Home from Home since 2009.

Sabrina Field

Early Years Teacher (QTS):

Sabrina works within our Bees, Badgers & Owls unit, she supports our preschool children, preparing them for formal school. Sabrina is a qualified early years teacher, with previous experience in the state sector, working with primary age children. Sabrina is passionate about education and is always excited to see children's individual progress.


Ian Allen

Leader & Transition Coordinator/ supporting SENCo / Early Years Educator: Level 3 EYE:

Ian joined our team early in 2021, he is an enthusiastic practitioner, eager to transfer his existing skills to support the team. Ian has a level 3 diploma in Health & Social care, Applied Science and Public Services. He also has previous hands on experience working with children aged 1-4 years, organising and running entertaining events. Ian completed his level 3 EYE qualification as a student at Home from Home and is continuing his career with us as a qualified practitioner. He now supports the leadership within the older end of the house. Ian supports children transitioning from our younger end of the house to the older end (Squirrels and worker Bees to Bees), he works well with practitioners across the whole house to ensure children's individual needs are being met. 

Chloe Gauthier

Leader / Early Years Educator, Cache Level 3:

Chloe joined the Home from Home team in 2014, she has enjoyed her journey in early years so far and finds her career inspiring and challenging. She is currently a senior key practitioner and leader within the Fledglings, Squirrels and Worker Bees groups, observing and planning next steps in order to develop children’s understanding and knowledge of their world. She supports the smooth running of the setting, taking on the additional role of Health and Safety lead within the younger end of the house.  


Georgine Agyeman-Opoku

Leader, Early Years Educator, working towards level 3

Georgine joined our team, transferring from paediatric nursing to working in early years full time. She has experience working in nursery settings during her university placements, as well as management experience. She is working towards an early years educator qualification level 3, to support her knowledge and understanding of education with under 5's. Georgine supports the leadership within our youngest groups.

Maria Briggs

Senior Early Years Educator, Cache Level 3

Maria relocated from Stoke-on-Trent, leaving her early years post where she had been based for 7 years. Maria's passion for early years is evident, Stoke's loss is St Albans' gain! Maria supports the leadership in our Fledglings, Squirrels and Worker Bee groups, working alongside the joint leaders, to ensure the smooth running of the unit, she focuses her skills on maintaining and role modelling effective practice and inspiring learning.

Qualified Practitioners and Students

Rosa Russo

Early Years Educator, Level 6, Degree (Hons) Education

Rosa is a passionate and caring practitioner, she has many years experience working in early years and currently works within our younger end of the house, supporting routines and children's individual needs. Rosa has a degree in education which allows her to practice as a level 3 early years practitioner.  

Tris Finlay

Senior Student Early Years Educator, Level 2 EYE, studying for level 3 EYE: 

Tris joined our team in 2019 as a junior student practitioner, he is very enthusiastic and the children enjoy his company, he is also proving very supportive with every day routines and practice. Tris has completed his level 2 qualification and plans to continue his studies to obtain a level 3.

Maya Huggins

Student Early Years Educator, working towards Level 2 EYE  

Maya joined our team as a junior student practitioner, she is eager to learn new skills as well as developing existing skills and she is always willing to lend a hand. Her confidence continues to grow in her practice and as a result the children gravitate towards her. 

Aisha Mohamoud

Student Early Years Educator, working towards Level 2 EYE  

Aisha joined our team as a junior student practitioner, she is empathetic and nurturing towards children. Aisha articulates great understanding of how children learn and is looking forward to continuing to build on her knowledge with study and excellent role modelling from experienced colleagues.

David Wood

Support Practitioner

David joined the team as a bank support practitioner, he is a valued member of the team and has built positive relationships with his colleagues and children. David has a background in the arts and brings his flamboyant personality to our diverse and charismatic team.

Cheryl Chan

Breakfast Club Support Practitioner 

Cheryl recently joined our team to support the smooth running of our breakfast club. She works Monday to Friday 7.30am-9.30am, she is a valued member of the team who helps qualified staff to be able to spend time settling children on arrival and ensuring the breakfast area runs smoothly. Cheryl has previously worked in child protection when living in Hong Kong.

Chef and Ancillary Support

Dave Collins

Caretaker / Environmental Support: 

Dave joined the team in 2015 as a full time caretaker. He has also completed a level 2 qualification in child care, in order to be effective in supporting practitioners to keep the environment safe for all children on a daily basis. He has also completed a level 3 certificate in supervising food safety in catering, to support the smooth running of the kitchen in the chef's absence. He is popular with the children and is always willing to lend a hand where ever he is needed.

Maverick Gapuz


Level 3 Food Safety and Catering

Mav is passionate about food and what he creates for the children on a daily basis tastes delicious! Mav works well with the leadership team to ensure all children have access to a balanced, nutritious and tasty diet.


Maura Hendrie

FCMA - Chartered Management Accountant:

Accounts and Financial Admin

Maura is a mother of two and has been active as a school governor at a multi academy trust when her children were younger. Maura is an integral part of the Home from Home team and joined us over 10 years ago.

“The highly qualified practitioner/staff team is very successful in supporting and promoting the children’s welfare and learning to a high standard. Children feel safe and secure, they are cared for and equally important, they are cared about, in a welcoming, stimulating environment by a caring and motivated practitioner team. Very effective partnerships with parents/carers and other early years agencies contributes significantly to the process and development of all children” – Ofsted


"Staff are genuinely respectful and caring with children. They listen to them and provide considerate care routines. For example, before any care routines, such as wiping noses or changing nappies, staff ask children and tell them what will happen. This shows how staff value children, their rights and their sense of safety and security."- Ofsted


All staff at Home from Home are expected to be in Continuous Professional Development. It is a condition of employment that all staff, including ancillary and administration staff, hold a Paediatric 1st Aid certificate and have attended at least Level 1 in Safeguarding Children training. Where funding is not available from the Local Authority the setting fully commits to fund practitioners to access further professional qualifications.