Nursery Fees



Home from Home fees reflect an attitude on non-compromise on standards, for example, supernumerary Lead Professional, a full time Director of Practice and all key staff responsible for children are qualified practitioners and these include graduates who team lead in each unit.

We provide nutritious home cooked meals using fresh produce. The fees cover all of your child’s needs, including bottles, formula, nappies, wipes, creams, all meals, snack and drinks, yoga and drama classes are also included. If you require specific nappies, e.g. cloth nappies or Naturecare, we would ask you to provide these.

The Pre Preparatory unit, BBO (Bees, Badgers and Owls) benefits from input provided by our Principle who has Early Year Professional Status and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education as well as over 20 years of experience working with children.


No. of

days per


Monthly amount










1543.66 *Discounted rate*


We try to accommodate extra sessions for parents when needed and these are charged at the following rates:

SessionsTimes Fees
½ day- Ad Hoc Only from September 2023

7.30am-12.30pm or


12.30pm-5.30pm or


Full Day7.30am-6.15pm £80.75



Late fees; £27.32 for every 15 minutes late after collection time, for example, after 1pm and after 6.15pm.

Fees are paid monthly in advance by Direct Debit, due on the 24th of each month for the following month. Payment methods: first payment by cheque or bank transfer, then subsequent payments by standing order. All childcare vouchers are accepted as part payment of fees. Parents/Carers must notify the office of the amounts being paid by other methods not including standing orders.


Partial weekly/monthly attendance for starters and leavers is charged at the applicable daily rate, i.e. £80.75. Fees are payable all year round, regardless of non-attendance. If a younger sibling also attends full time, £100 per month discount off the fees is given.


Fees are due irrespective of attendance, this includes all bank holidays and Christmas Eve and New Years eve where the date falls on a weekday and the nursery is closed. 


The fees are reviewed annually. Any changes to fees will be effective from the month following a review. Please be advised that the fees charged will be those applicable at date of commencement.