All Ofsted quotes have been taken from our last inspection operating as Home from Home Day Nursery School, and our latest inspection operating as Home from Home Day Nursery School Academy.


Home from Home Day Nursery is a day care facility and early educational pre-school setting for up to 55 children aged between 3 months and 5 years and is situated close to the centre of St.Albans, in a private set back area within its own car park facility.


The setting opens from 7.30am to 6.15pm all year round except for weekends and public holidays and is closed between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day. 


The setting was founded by Linda Collins in 1989.  Linda, Director of Education and Anne Carter, Director of Operations, direct and manage the nursery along with a team of highly skilled professionals. The setting is based around one large purpose built house and is surrounded by three outdoor areas. Children are drawn mainly from the city of St.Albans, but some come from smaller surrounding towns. Most parents/carers are employed in the professions, but the setting population includes a wide socioeconomic mix.


We aim to develop the full potential of each child. We are proud of our academic record, are renowned for drama social interactions and our reputation for a friendly and homely environment.

At our last Ofsted Inspection under the name 'Home from Home' we achieved 'outstanding' in all areas of care and early education, for the third consecutive time.


“The setting is very aware of the individual needs of all children, they recognise that children learn in different ways, activities and routines are adapted to ensure children feel valued and can take responsibility for their own play and actions. Practitioners work with parents/carers to meet young children’s home routines; babies sleep when they need to, the setting routine is adapted to meet their needs” – Ofsted 

"Children attending this family run, enjoyable and exciting day nursery receive the very best start to their education. Staff here offer a highly inclusive experience for each child. Children are confident and resilient. They learn techniques that help them to understand and regulate their emotions in different situations, for example through yoga and mindfulness techniques using petals." -Ofsted