All Ofsted quotes have been taken from our last inspection operating as Home from Home Day Nursery School, and our latest inspection operating as Home from Home Day Nursery School Academy.

Parent Feedback:

"We just wanted to feedback how much we appreciate everyone’s support at Home from Home – it was clear how well Name knows Name and all her little ways (!) as we read the report, and that is such a good and reassuring feeling to have as a parent (especially as she started during lockdown). We also really appreciate how the team have/are continuing to support Name with her standing and walking, and feel that you’ve got her ‘next steps’ spot on, from a parent point of view.  We feel that all the staff go above and beyond, and we love the relationships Name has developed at nursery - She loves to shout the staff’s names on the way home! Thank you!"

Feedback from a recent parents evening:

"excellent - clear open and transparent communication. Passion of staff contagious!"

Feedback from a parent regarding what Home from Home excels at:


"Education of the children… they love it! Name was very well prepared for school so transition was easy (although I am not sure school has read the report from hfh) Name development is amazing and the team have done very well supporting transitioning her as her big sister has moved on (her emotional well being)"


“Looking after our child’s well-being and happiness. Creating a warm and friendly environment. Helping to grow a child’s confidence.”


“Preparation for school, dealing with all round health and education of children and tailoring activities and content to individual interests of children. The children are allowed to explore and develop their own interests. Communication is always exceptional and the introduction of Tapestry is wonderful. We find it easy to use and a way to communicate at the moment when we can’t always speak face to face. The entire staff has adjusted well to all the changes made necessary by Covid and we are confident that nursery is a clean and safe environment for all and all necessary precautions and assessments have been put in place and are followed.”


“Very approachable. Preparing children for changes in their home lives as well as learning development. Sending nursery updates and asking what we want from the nursery”


“Everything you do is child centric, that is not found everywhere and you can see this daily at Home from Home.”


“Communication. Treating each child as individuals and embracing their likes and dislikes. Teaching the children good manners and ways of dealing with their emotions”


“Quality of care and quality of learning opportunities. Experience and enthusiasm of practitioners. Friendliness and efficiency of reception staff. Variety of experiences given to the children in the setting. Activities such as yoga. Uptake and use of tapestry. Adapting to changes due to pandemic i.e. handover of Owls to school etc”

"Parents are very involved in their children's learning. Staff have a robust settling in process where they will visit the homes of children and families before they start to attend. Parents are extremely happy with the nursery and say that staff are 'incredible end to end'. Staff use social events and a parent committee to make sure that parents' voices are heard. Consistency between children's learning at the nursery and at home is seamless."-Ofsted

Parent and Staff Association (PSA)


At Home from Home we operate a Parent Staff Association (PSA) where parents/carers can be instrumental in the welfare of the setting. The officers, being Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Secretary, are parents/carers who have children attending the setting and who have volunteered their support.


The aim of the association is to bring parents/carers and practitioner’s together, keeping them informed of current issues, working together for the good of the children at Home from Home. Whilst we understand the constraints of time on working parents/carers and practitioners, it is important that we encourage active participation and contributions, parents/carers are encouraged to share their skills and expertise wherever possible. This is valuable because children begin to form attitudes about themselves and others from what they see and hear around them at a very young age. Therefore by working together wherever we can, we are giving a clear message to children that everyone is welcome, valued, and respected. The common ground being staff and parents alike, is to have the best welfare and early education intentions at the centre of everything we do. 


The PSA and setting also hold regular social events, which have been instrumental in bringing parents/carers together and many friendships have been formed through these events, the quiz nights and our annual charity ball being very popular evenings. Any monies raised through social events are usually allocated to local children’s charities.

“I joined the PSA to meet some fellow parents and to learn more about the nursery. I have now been involved for over four years, have made some good friends and enjoyed organising and attending events, be it a picnic in the park or a quiz night in the pub. I would recommend anyone to join and it isn’t too time consuming.”

Kath, parent.


The nursery has held an annual charity ball for the last 20 years raising money for numerous charities and bringing parents together.


Communication to parents/carers will be via email (in support of sustainability), however hard copies are available upon request. These will include a monthly administration newsletter, monthly topic focuses from each unit your child is in, a weekly reflection report from the Bees, Badgers and Owls, and Squirrels room, written daily diaries which include photos of your child’s day. Each child has an individual development file (IDP) where practitioners record observations of children, and subsequently adapt planning, responding to a child’s individual changing interests and abilities, including those children with disabilities or special needs. Bees, Badgers and Owls ongoing planning can be viewed on the early education planning door located in the foyer.


Each term a summary report is recorded and given to parents/carers, and Parent Staff Consultations are held twice a year in January and July.


Current PSA minutes of meetings are always posted to the PSA noticeboard located in the foyer.


Policies/procedures-working directives are also available for parents and carers to view, also located in the foyer.

Waiting List Policy and Procedures

Home from Home can be very popular, consequently resulting in an extensive waiting list. We endeavour to accommodate parents requests, however being a small concern we simply do not always have the space to be able to meet demands. Please refer to the below document for our full policy and procedures around our waiting lists.